We maintain the highest possible quality standards and provide clients with safe, reliable, optimum cost products and services delivered on time.

Our quality objective is to exceed customer expectations by delivering product and services that are fit for purpose as executed in accordance with industry standards, specified requirements, regulations/legislation, codes of practice and contractual obligations.

We are committed to employing resources that are adequately trained to ensure that competency levels are commensurate to the operational and process controls deemed necessary in deploying integrated risk management and project delivery strategies.

Heyday Group operates an integrated ISO9001 quality, safety and environmental management system and is committed to the prevention of nonconformity and timely implementation of strategies that support our commitment to continual improvement.

All projects undertaken are subject to regular internal and external system audits that are conducted under the licensing requirements of Bureau Veritas.

The fundamentals, which benchmark the success of our quality systems, include elements such as:

  • Project Conceptual Analysis

  • Value Engineering

  • Risk Management

  • Planning and Design Development

  • Design Validation

  • Design Change Management

  • Process Control

  • Verification and Corrective Action

  • Project Review (PCG’s)

  • Management Review

  • Continual Improvement